Q: How do I become a model?
A: Just fill out our online model application. Make sure that you upload a clear face photo with your application otherwise we will have to delete it. Now we can't promise that we'll be able to find the perfect role for you in one of our videos, but we will definitely contact you if it looks like we may have something right up your alley!

Q: I'm having trouble with the application. How do I get help?
A: Just contact us at cs [at] castingxxxmen.com

Q: What does it mean to be a model?
A: Basically we use the term "model" to refer to the sexy guys we shoot for either video or just still photos. Most of our models are amateurs and have never done nude work before, they're just regular guys who enjoy sex and are excited about an adventure.

Q: What kinds of guys are you looking for?
A: We define "bear" pretty broadly, but generally we are looking for masculine, sexy men, usually more husky than skinny, and hopefully furry. Here are some of the types we like:

Q: Do I get paid for a shoot?
A: While we'll do our best to make sure you have an amazing time at one of our shoots, there's definitely some work involved! And we believe people should always be paid for the work they do, though our budgets are limited. Once we contact you about doing a shoot, we'd be happy to discuss pay. By the way, if any other company contacts you about doing a shoot, but says they can't pay you, or it's just an "audition," turn and run.

Q: What happens to the video or photos you shoot of me?
A: For the most part, the content we shoot will go up on our website within a few months. Because our DVDs and website are all about exclusive content that no one else has, we don't license or sell our videos or photos, so you won't see them all over the web. But we do use content for marketing and it may appear in a few other places. Like every company that works with models, we do require you to sign a standard model release that gives us all rights to the content we shoot. This means that we own the photos and video and can use it any way we want. So if you have concerns about your face showing up outside of the site, you may not be a good candidate for us.